When life throws you a curve ball……blog

So today was the day that I decided to bite the bullet & start a blog.  Some may wonder why……well back in August I was thrown a curve ball……my marriage was over.  There, I have said it!  That wasn’t so hard actually!

Not many people know & keeping my private life private in the workplace is quite hard to do when you are going through a huge life change.  I was talking to close friends & it became obvious that a good way to refocus & get a sense of who “me” was, was to do something I have not done for a long time….write and these days the best way to write would be to blog it!

So here I am.  I am blogging & this is my first post!  One day I may even let my two littlies read it, but for now I will share my journey here & lets see what I can come up with!

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