Love yourself

debccc4a57faa485499e67dc78e646faI am on the heady decent of a good weekend spent with my RugRats and family, rocketing in to a working week that does not include the RugRats.  Half term is upon us and I have mopped up sick, done 50 loads of washing and put in full-time working hours and more, even before it started.

I feared that the weekend gone would be a wash out and I had planned a very exciting weekend at that.  I packed our things and crossed fingers for no more sick…..we went to London baby.  I can’t say it any other way; Austin Powers has a lot to answer.

We had such a busy weekend and it is true when they say “change is as good as a rest”. We trotted round London doing all the touristy things you do.  London Eye…..Shrek tour…..Tower Bridge……..The Monument…….we conquered all the steps and then littlest pronounced she needed “a weeeeeeeeeeeeee”, standard.  We conquered, we saw and I soaked up the look on the RugRats little faces as we ventured London together for their first trip.  Their little faces always make me smile.  I  adore them and I want to cling on to all their sweet innocence,  as these days it never seems to last that long.

We had a little break at Wahaca at the Embankment (highly recommended) and as we sat there with my cousin and her boyfriend, we were revelling in all that we had done that morning and we sat planning the night ahead where more family were joining us for dinner, back at the ranch.  I was asking if my other cousins girlfriend was coming and we got excited as this would be the first time we got to meet her.  The RugRats are very nosey you see and some 2 years they had waited to meet their Uncles girlfriend….so much excitement was displayed at this moment.  The boy suddenly went quiet and I asked him if he was ok as he said…..”oh no……..” and I asked him if he was okay and his response knocked me sideways….”well you’ll be the only one there with no one to love Mummy.”  A mix of emotions were felt in one split second and I had to give my head a little wobble and my response was, “of course Mummy does, I love all of you don’t I, and that makes us very lucky as we will be with people we love”……”But you don’t have a husband or a man to love though mummy”…… see where I am going with this??  There we so many responses I could have to this and all of them would blow my 8 year olds mind, so for him I settled with “that doesn’t matter to me, I am not missing out at all, anyway, all that matters, is you’re with us, and we don’t need anything more”.  My cousin ensued in her amazing distraction technique and I had chance to make my quick recovery.

One simple little remark, one sentence, left me spinning and has had me thinking.  I really don’t want to be one of those mums that portrays the message that you can only be happy if you have a partner.  I am not going to launch into couple bashing, as for one, it is completely negative and it is not what I am about at all, but I have a heightened awareness that my RugRats should not grow up thinking you need a partner to make you happy.  I want them to grow up and be comfortable in their own skin and I want The Boy to know that he doesn’t have to be a knight in shining armour and go off and rescue his Damsel In Distress, and I want my beautiful daughter to be confident and not want to be saved by a man.  I want them to define themselves.

This leaves me in a quandary.  Did I give them this first impression when I allowed them to meet my first boyfriend since my divorce?  I fear I gave them that message.  At the time, I thought I was making the right decision, but I screwed up, but do I feel I screwed up as it ended as quickly as it started?

I know I am questioning myself and I think it is only natural as I need to make sense of it.  I was upset when the relationship ended, more so due to how it happened, but also upset with myself as I had seen it coming and ignored the voice in my head, that I had promised not to after the experience of being with my ex-husband.  To add salt to the wound, things quickly spiralled out of control when the relationship ended with this person and even though he ended it, he begged me to take him back and when he didn’t get the answer he was hoping for, he didn’t stop with the incessant pleas and I feared it would never end as it began to consume each day.  When I look back, I am cross at myself as I feel I wasn’t firmer in my approach.  I have analysed the shit out of it, did I give him reason to think I would take him back, was I not firm enough and that’s why he thought it was ok to keep hounding me???

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I know that at that moment in time, when I had met this man, he came at a time I needed the distraction and what I felt was very real as well.  I was wooed with flowers, his weekly accolades of self professing love for me…….I was blown away by it all, but also found myself becoming too willing to please.  Slowly, his insecurities crept in and I found myself being moulded by his beliefs.  Luckily, that inner Alpha Female in me won the good fight and when it ended, I wasn’t scared that it was over.  I think this took him by surprise, you see, I know I am strong and independent and I know I don’t need a man to define me.  I genuinely believe that, even though I flounder every now and then, this is me, the Alpha Female and I am proud of that.  I think the kids will eventually see this, I hope they do and learn from it.

This leaves me in another quandary I find myself in.  Do I hold back on dating if it comes my way?  Some friends say to me that I need time to find myself and learn to love myself again and that I don’t need to find a man to define this.  I know this……I really do……I thought I did love myself, as if I didn’t, I would still be in a very unhappy marriage.  By actively deciding not to go on a date… I again falling into the trap and putting too much emphasis on my relationship status?  Do you see my dilemma now?

Some friends say to you “You need to focus on you first” with the belief that before you can share your life with someone else, you first need to know who you are, what you want, and in what direction you’re headed. Now I buy into this, I do, but I know I am not wanting to look for the next marriage material. I am not sat at home wondering why I am staying single….I know why I am single.  I chose the wrong men and I am not perfect, I make mistakes.  I do know I am not a woman who needs a man, I like to challenge and I am always upfront, but extremely loyal………now this is where I know my sticking point was challenged as I misinterpreted being loyal for allowing myself to weaken.  You see I can still be loyal and challenge or disagree with someone’s point of view and it shouldn’t  have to be the end of the world.

The thing is, I don’t feel like I have this ticking time bomb over me as I have two beautiful kids, therefore I have no biological clock looming over me.  I don’t look at everyone elses relationship statuses and take it as a competition, I don’t fear that all the good men are taken, I know I am not too picky and have learnt not to settle for anything less than I believe I deserve.  I am not looking to rush into a relationship just so i can post on Facebook that I am in a relationship, do you get my drift?  I just want to have fun, whatever form that takes.

For a short time, I thought I had lost my confidence, I allowed a situation to define me, which in turn made me overthink…..I think I am nearly out of the woods.  Life is for living (yes I really did just use that cliché) so I am going to enjoy all the plans I have and stick with them.  If a hot guy wants to take me out for a drink, then I will accept it if the offer takes my fancy, yet I will not be defined as to whether this makes me happy… kids make me happy, my friends make me happy, my family too and I am sure as hell not going to fall into that trap that after a few dates, I am going to post it all over Facebook and have them meet my kids…….who does that (she says tongue in cheek)??!!  Now that is a whole new blog entry to think about.

The RugRats will be good, I know this as they challenge me and as long as they challenge me, then I know they can challenge themselves for the future and hopefully my RugRats can grow into strong, independant people, with the ability to kick ass when they need to.

xXx TTFN xXx

Finding Everything And Realising

11254337_10153577995462419_1081319849480295085_nWell we are on the brink of October nearly turning into November and I can honestly say, I really don’t know where the month has gone.  Half term is nearly here……one more day……I just had one more day before the RugRats finished but we have been hit with that twatting sick bug!  The eldest sobbed into his sick bowl crying that yesterday was the worst day of his life…..bugger, he takes after his mumma for being ill, poor lad.  On a plus side, being sick was related to being the worst day of his life……I’m taking that…….having it big time in fact.  Last time I blogged I spoke of the Mummy guilt that looms over me, well this sort of makes it feel a little better that he has forgotten the day we told him Mummy & Daddy were splitting up, was the worst day of his life.

There has been a sense of doom that has hovered over me the last few days.  Had too much time to think.  I am my own worst critic and boy I have done a lot of beating myself up with the shitty stick of late.  The solid crew sniffed it out a mile though didn’t they.  Thanks you lot.  I have been hiding under a rock for the best part of a week.  I promise I will snap out of it & very grateful for the massive kick up the arse that has been needed this week.

This month has been the anniversary of the hardest point in the divorce I went through. Looking back now, I was so full of optimism but also hiding a huge sadness that lay heavily in my heart.  I don’t like to dwell and as a good friend said to me today, it’s time to close a chapter and go on to the next one.  There have been many chapters that have followed on from the one I refer to and one that I don’t feel I can talk so openly about here as it has lead to me not wanting to date for a long time.

I tried to dip my toe back in the dating scene the other day and I quickly took it out with one huge shudder and since then I haven’t been able to stop beating myself up…..well enough is enough.  I am not even sure why I did it (well I did……a woman has needs don’t you know) but I also don’t have the time or the energy to start donning my sex kitten heels (which cause absolute havoc with the age old bunion) and making the effort to make, let’s face it, that typical wedding chat you do; you know, the one where you grasp around trying to find things in common with someone, just to make the time less awkward, I just cannot be bothered.  The mojo has packed up and left the building.

May be, in time, that feeling will go away & I may be able to enjoy being taken out by a few handsome men, but for now, I want to do the things I want to do, no demands, no ties, just me and the kids and friends having a few fun adventures……………..I just have a fear I may turn into a cougar later in life……I hope to god I don’t turn into a cougar!  One of my good friends gets excited about who I will end up with and I wish I could share in her enthusiasm, but I fear my mojo may not come back.  I thought I had found my forever guy, but that was not to be the case and now I find myself floundering with a lack of confidence…..I actually can see myself recoil in horror when a guy even smiles at me…..even hot guys……..see I am doomed, doomed I tell you!

I have not been sleeping well recently.  The dreams I am having have become more and more disturbing and I have got into the habit of doing a 3am check on the RugRats, just to make sure they are ok.  The times when I don’t have the kids have been filled with trying to stay busy and I am slowly getting the house in order bit by bit.  I have been planning the shit out of the next few months and there are lots of things that we have to be excited about.  One of those things comes in the form of a fluffy little puppy……I know, I must be mental but I know it will be one of the better decisions I have made of late.  We are all excited to get him and we are all madly in love and he isn’t even home yet.  3 weeks and counting…..eeeeekkkkkkk!  So there will be a new man in my life, and this one will be stuck with me for life!  I realised that when the RugRats are not here, I can make the very easy decision to stay in bed a little longer than normal and I have the time to procrastinate more….well the little dude will not allow me to do that and it will also be very good for the kids to have some responsibility too.

I always wanted a dog.  As a little girl we had a dear beloved dog called Jenny, she was a Bearded Collie and when we lost her to cancer, it was the first time I saw my Dad cry.  The absolute loyalty she showed our family was unfathomable and I always wanted my kids to experience that love from a dog, so here I am doing it and I didn’t have to have a long debate about a family decision, hurrah!!  3 weeks and counting my house will be full of puppy toys, and little surprise packages and little piddles to clean up!  It will keep us on our toes, but boy am I looking forward to a life with a Bearded Collie again and we can stop screaming “Bearded Collie” every time we drive past one, as we’ll have our very own coming on our adventures with us.  The added bonus of having the dog is that it will keep me away from the weird world of dating as I will be busy courting our little fur ball.

I have already booked a nice little break away with our little man & the RugRats so there are lots of things to be excited about & I am looking forward to the fun filled muddy walks and the little places you get to see that you don’t normally when you walk a dog…….although I think the olds think that this dog may walk me towards a new man in my life……not quite so sure about that one right now.

I love having this blog.  It makes me realign and focus on the positives. I had been putting off writing the last few days as I felt all melancholy and what I forgot was, that making myself sit down and take time out to spill my thoughts onto the keyboard, actually does me good.  Why is that??!

I am excited though, I am really excited for Bonfire Night, I am really excited about having my solid crew round for inappropriate games and drinks, I’m excited for the dog, I am excited for Christmas and having the first year of just being me and my family and soaking up the excitement they bring.  They trotted off tonight to their Dads so happy and I closed the door and felt relief, not that they had gone, but I watched them go off happy………my Mum guilt has lightened a little, cos you know what, they are happy and I am more than ok with that. I’m so proud of them, but I am also going to give myself a big pat on the back & you know what, I DESERVE it.  So if anyone out there is exhausted and feeling fed up, just do it, pat yourself on the back if you are a single mum, keeping it real, you deserve it lady, all single parents deserve it.

I’m going to sign off and dance around to this little number (Bridget Jones stylee) whilst I get ready to see some of my crew, so TTFN for now and enjoy this little number:





Hello October…..

img_2473-1So it’s been a while…..and October has descended within a blink of an eye!

I love October; for me it symbolises the start of the darker nights, autumn walks, cosy jumpers; but the most important of all, it is the month that I became a mummy. My first little RugRat was born and I know it all sounds so very cliched, I never knew a love like it until I held him in my arms. He was beautiful and came out with a head of dark hair and the moment I locked eyes on him my heart soared. The overwhelming desire to ensure that he knows he is loved and protected stays with me every day.

My boy always manages to surprise me with his ability to blow me away with his little nuggets of wisdom. At nearly 8, he seems to have this insane maturity  that sometimes also makes me choke up.

In my quiet moments, I wonder if the divorce has robbed him a little of his childhood and how it will affect his outlook on relationships. I hope that it does not have the negative affect that I fear. I am constantly being reassured by friends and family that kids are resilient little things, but that mum guilt always sneaks up on you.

There’s been a super amount of mum guilt going on of late…..when I last blogged I was full of optimism and in the middle of what I believed to be the greatest love story. When I read it now, I can’t help but squirm with embarrassment. Yes, you’ve guessed it… didn’t work out and I have been on another one of (to quote one of my solid crew) “life’s shifty learning curves”. What it did do though was distract me at a time that I needed to be distracted and for that I am grateful of.

So I find myself standing at the start of my favorite month looking on to what it will bring and wondering if it will bring new symbolism’s for the future.  It is also quite huge for me to look back at what has happened in the last year. In fact my first blog started in October. I was fired up with all the things I had planned, one of them to start writing again, but I didn’t quite finish it all off.

October makes me realise it has a history of new beginnings for me. New beginnings excite me but at the same time give me a feeling of the fear of the unknown. Will I fail?  Will I soar?  Will it bring luck?….well you make your own luck and I know one thing for sure…….I am staying a single mummy.

I need to do all the things I had promised myself we would do as The Three Musketeers.  If I can get through my little wish list and make myself go through some things that I’ve put off doing because of feeling awkward or unsure, then I will feel like I have achieved.  I know that there are two little people that look up to me and that motivates me every day.

So…….here goes……Come on October, let’s be having you.