cropped-23c55885b10cb87920af671ead3ed0ad.jpgSo here I am, a 34 year old mummy to whom I refer to as my little rugrats, my little girl & my not so little boy and this is my blog.  On the eve of my 9 year wedding anniversary, I found myself sat in my car on a motorway hard shoulder sobbing at the stark reality that my marriage was on the rocks, BIG TIME.  A week later, I was sat in a solicitors office, asking for advise on how to go about getting an amicable divorce.

The problem was, I was clinging on to the vain hope that I could work really hard at saving my marriage, but it was like someone opened the curtains & I realised that was what I had been doing for some years and it just didn’t seem to work anymore.  After sitting down with my husband at the last ditch attempt to talk through our problems, I sat there listening to all the things I had not done right in our marriage, the years of hidden feelings were finally out there, the calm manner that I felt completely torn apart and in that moment I realised that no amount of counselling would heal the major faults our marriage had grown.

After having a difficult 2014 with family issues, I wanted to make sure that as I stepped into 2015, I learnt from the previous year & that I didn’t hold on to relationships that weren’t working out. What I didn’t realise was that these relationships weren’t my biggest problem and in reality, my marriage was barely existing.

So as I sit here, trying to figure out what normality is going to be with my two adorable rugrats, I find myself entering the big world of blogging.  This will be my therapy.  Weirdly enough, life doesn’t seem as daunting as I expected it to be as a single mum.  I know I will have a few ups & downs along the way, but I hope to share those with you & read similar blogs too, in the hope that I can get back “me”, whoever that might be……but just for now I am happy to find out who that is & even don’t mind admitting that it excites me a little too.

Thanks for having a nosey at my blog, enjoy & I hope others can take some comfort & laughter from it as I start the journey of starting over as a new family and redefining what that is as “The Three Musketeers”.

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